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About » Canteen Photography Company

Canteen Photography Company is based in beautiful, rainy Portland, Oregon. Serving as a commercial outlet for photographer Greg Clarke, he teams up with talented colleagues to provide commercial, portrait and wedding photography services near and far. We think the world’s pretty beautiful and enjoy capturing and creating beautiful moments for our clients to enjoy.

Our Style

What we are interested in when working with clients is not just making photos that look great, but also creating work that engages and excites the viewer. We work with folks ranging from small business owners just getting started to international brands with multi-million dollar advertising budgets, to help find unique ways to tell their stories and engage with their customers.  We believe that this encourages increased awareness of and dimension to your products and services and will help your business be more successful!

Greg Clarke, photographer

Greg graduated with a degree in Fine Art Photography from Towson University in 2007. Since then he has photographed bunches of weddings, had editorial work published in national outlets, and featured in world wide advertising campaigns. He has studied photography under many experienced photographers in several disciplines from high end commercial studio work to avant garde fine art.

A habitual bicycle tourist, Greg has pedaled around 14,000 miles throughout the United States and Mexico, camera in hand. He really digs hanging out in nature and gardening, and lives in a 112 sq ft tiny house he built himself in SE Portland with his cat, Leon. He eats a lot of chile relleno burritos and collects hobbies.

Greg’s art portfolio can be seen at GregClarkePhotography.com